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Local Authorities Solidarity in Crises Management

Cités Unies France (CUF) experience :


Cités Unies France is an association of french local authorities engaged in international co-operations. CUF is a founding member of the UCLG Task Force for TPMC.



Among its activities, CUF plan and implement a program named "Crises and Recovery". The program is running since 2003. Following a crisis, CUF launch a solidarity fund financed by the willing french local authorities (usually those that have partnerships in the country). CUF then organize donors committee meetings that decide how to use this fund, on the basis of the local authroities expertise and field reports.

Since 2003, eighteen solidarity funds have been implemented among them six are still in process : Algeria 2003, Maroc 2004, Niger 2005, Gaza 2006, Haiti 2008, Gaza 2008, Haiti 2010, Niger 2010, Pakistan 2010, Japan 2011, Mali 2012, Lebanon 2013, Philippines 2013, Balkans 2014, Gaza 2014, Vanuatu 2015, Kobanî 2015, Nepal 2015.

The participation of Cités Unies France to the Agora Initiative (for the Bangui and Haiti pilot projects) is also part to its "Crises and Recovery" program.

Find out more by visiting Cités Unies France website.

Contact person : Simoné Giovetti

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