About The Task Force

“UCLG Taskforce: TerritorialPreventionand Management of Crises”will provide a platform for local governments, to Exchange knowledge and expertise on disaster management. It will improve and increase the availability of local governments’ expertise to disaster-affected municipalities and it will highlight and develop the role of local governments on the international disaster management, resilience and response. The UCLG members that started the process for the creation of this Group are particularly interested to harmonize their individual technical assistance initiatives in the field of disaster preparedness and response (share know how, capitalize on lessons learned and provide increasingly articulated technical support in crisis situations.

The Task Force members who are interested in that field can decide to join forces and develop a technical assistance program proposal and seek external funding to improve their existing technical capacities. The Task Force mandate will include activities such as the mapping of technical expertise among members of UCLG, the gathering of existing disaster assistance tools, information sharing, the coordination of assessment missions and technical assistance when necessary, and support to develop concrete proposals for funding by national or multilateral funders, if relevant. The Task Force, which is to expand its membership over time, could also serve as a resource group, as a coordination board to joint programs (among its members), and as a think tank and lobby group.


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